1 Complete missions to get more points
2 Complete daily tasks to get more coins
3 Stay on top
4 Look ahead
5 Go beyond the basics of the game
6 Connect Facebook to get free bonuses
7 Play in portrait mode
8 Video gameplay of the game
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Runner is a popular genre of the gaming world and Subway Surfers is available on mobile devices. If you’re dreaming of breaking your highscore, then here are some Subway Surfers tips and tricks to help you get there.

The game has been around for many years, but it still remains at the top, and it’s not hard to see why. In this exciting game, you always want to beat your own high score.

You control the guy who painted the subway car with graffiti and now runs away from the cops who noticed him behind this case. Take your character as far as possible, dodging road signs, moving trains and much more. That being said, don’t forget to collect coins and bonuses.
Complete missions to get more points
Play for fun, without chasing goals and the like, but completing tasks will bring you more points.

Missions consist of various objectives, upon reaching which you will receive a score multiplier.

Complete daily tasks to get more coins
Daily Quests are the easiest way to earn coins. You have all day to collect all the letters of a word, and it’s usually pretty easy.

Every day the tests become more difficult, but for a fair amount of coins. If you continue to complete tasks every day, then on the fifth you will receive a mysterious box, which can contain up to 100,000 coins.

Stay on top
Do not forget to climb onto the subway cars (using the ladder) and run along them whenever possible.

Move on top, this will eliminate the need to dodge road signs and oncoming trains.
Jump from one carriage to another, collecting additional coins.

Look ahead
Once you get into Subway Surfers and pick up the pace, more and more obstacles will appear in front of you. It is extremely important to follow the road.

Sometimes oncoming trains appear so suddenly that there is barely enough time to dodge them. That is why, look at the very top of the screen: the earlier you see an approaching train, the more successfully you can react to it.
Go beyond the basics of the game

When you start playing Subway Surfers, the game teaches you basic skills such as jumping, sideways and sliding. In fact, your character can do a lot more.

Jump and swipe left or right to dash in one direction or another in the air.

Connect Facebook to get free bonuses
Most people don’t like connecting games to Facebook, but it really isn’t that bad. Connecting an account does not mean that the game will publish everything on your wall, nothing like that, so friends are not threatened with spam streams.

In many games, connecting to Facebook doesn’t give you anything fancy, but in Subway Surfers you get tons of gifts like boards, coins, etc.

Play in portrait mode
If you play on iPad you will most likely prefer landscape mode, but Subway Surfers will most likely want to choose portrait mode.

Album mode in Subway Surfers is largely useless, as with it a lot of what is happening on the screen is simply cut off.

Portrait mode opens up a larger view, which makes the game much easier.

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